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T1V Visual Collaboration

What is T1V? 

T1V is an AV manufacturer focused on visual collaboration products. Designed for teams working on a blended schedule, T1V’s collaboration solutions can help remote and onsite team members connect and work together with minimal frustration. According to the company’s own survey data, about 70 percent of professionals returning to work will do so using a blended approach. That means the employee will be working in the office part of the time and at home part of the time.  

T1V has developed several products to assist teams working with a blended schedule, including its flagship software solution, ThinkHub. 

What are T1V’s collaborative products? 

T1V’s solutions are software-based, and the company has produced several options to meet the diverse needs of employers and educators. Some of those solutions include:
  • The ThinkHub - The ThinkHub is T1V’s principal product and comes with an array of features that drive visual collaboration. The software is designed around the Canvas, which is similar to whiteboarding software found on some interactive displays. The ThinkHub Canvas, though, is a more powerful version of standard whiteboarding software, with the ability to expand the usable workspace up to 20 times the display’s size. There’s a lot of room for content.
    That’s just the start, though. What makes the ThinkHub so useful as a team collaboration tool is that anyone, if enabled, can access the Canvas from their own device and add content or make edits where needed. This content can be freely moved around the Canvas, and may include any media, browser windows, notes and annotations. Once the ThinkHub session is over, the Canvas can be saved for future collaboration and reference. 
    The ThinkHub supports companies using a BYOD model, so professionals can connect from their own device no matter where they are. Further, multiple displays running ThinkHub can be connected and teams can video conference through the software, so a true room-to-room experience is available. Compatible video conferencing solutions include Zoom, Webex, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and BlueJeans. Every Canvas session is also secured from end to end with encryption, so teams can collaborate with confidence and security. 
    With the above features, the ThinkHub is ideal for many tasks, such as brainstorming, presentations, remote collaboration, prototyping, visualizing data, strategic planning, virtual selling, design planning or process improvement. 
  • The HubVC - The HubVC is a hardware solution designed for quick, streamlined collaboration in huddle rooms and small conference rooms. It’s here where much of the work gets done between teams, so T1V has built the HubVC for the most commonly used functions in huddle spaces. 
    Those functions include video conferencing, whiteboarding and screen sharing. When using the HubVC, users can select from these three right away, with a single screen tap. 
    Everything is designed to be as simple to use as possible. For example, when joining a video conference, HubVC detects what video conferencing platform is being leveraged and ushers the user straight to the call, without the need to navigate the in-conferencing platform user interface. In addition, HubVC comes with a general UI that can be used across all conferencing platforms to quickly join or end a call. Even if your team has no experience with a particular conferencing solution, they can still use it through the HubVC using this UI. 
    When whiteboarding and screen sharing, the HubVC dedicates four areas on the display, so the whiteboard, screen and video conference can all be shown at once. There’s no need to flip back and forth between the person you’re conferencing with and the content they’re sharing. 
  • The T1V Hub - The T1V Hub is a compact piece of hardware that can connect to any device and enable it for wireless presentation. Once the T1V Hub is tied to the display, up to four devices can be connected to the display and share their screens and content. Like with other T1V products, multiple areas are designated on the display for devices, so all four device screens can be viewed at once. Users can access the T1V Hub from their own devices, choose to select the whole screen or just an application window. 
    IT can also manage the company’s T1V Hubs through a centralized console, making the solution highly scalable. 
  • The ThinkHub Connect - The ThinkHub Connect is an active learning solution that encourages students to collaborate in small groups, while still giving the instructor full control over the lesson. It consists of three components, including the instructor station, the student stations, and an instructor tablet. 
    The instructor station mirrors each student station, with a larger screen and a larger Canvas for the instructor to arrange content on. Anything the instructor does on their display is immediately pushed to all student stations, so every student has a front row seat to the lesson content. 
    At the student stations, students can connect to the station display using their own device. This connection is facilitated using T1V’s AirConnect app, which is designed for rapid, simple connectivity. Once connected, students can upload their own content to the Canvas for the instructor to review. While the instructor moves around the room to speak with students, they can use their instructor tablet to control the instructor display, so they can lecture normally while still leveraging the ThinkHub Connect’s content sharing capabilities.  
  • The T1V Suite - The T1V Suite is designed to use an organization’s existing brand assets to develop a memorable interactive experience. Universities, business campuses, government facilities, museums, event venues and airports are all effective settings for the T1V Suite, as the solution is extremely flexible. It can be used with any multitouch interactive displays, no matter its size. 
    With the T1V Suite, organizations can opt for an interactive map, an interactive timeline or one of many other interactive modules. The interactive map allows for multiple users to access a large map, with custom pins, information, and media, including videos. The interactive timeline also allows multiple users to move through a custom timeline, with milestones and additional media, again including videos. 
    T1V can also work with its clients to develop custom interactive modules, such as a game or display that shows your brand in a compelling light.
T1V’s collaborative solutions are developed for rooms of any size and for any type of collaboration, whether it’s a simple video conference call or an intense visual brainstorming session. Because these solutions are mostly software-based and built for simplicity of use, they are also scalable and can be efficiently deployed. With organizations rapidly adjusting to the new era of remote workers and blended schedules, that scalability, simplicity and flexibility is critical.