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Data Projections doesn't just provide audio and visual equipment we provide A/V solutions that can be designed for any client's needs. For decades, Data Projections has designed and installed systems that improve communications, enhance cooperation, and firm up a company's branding, and sometimes all three at once. Medical training facilities, corporate boardrooms, lecture halls, or government facilities can be enhanced with a precisely designed system installed by Data Projections extensively trained team.

Some of the A/V solutions that we can provide to our clients include:

  • For businesses: Data Projections can set up the latest teleconferencing systems in a company meeting space, making it much easier for businesses to connect with clients and partners. This includes fully integrated and immersive teleconferencing systems from Polycom. Polycom systems include several high-quality displays, integrated touch controls that are available when needed, and smart speaker and camera placement to ensure both parties can hear and see each other clearly. Data Projections can also provide businesses with mobile conferencing technology to keep personnel connected wherever they are, and technology that improves branding, such as modern displays and interactive video installations.
  • For schools: Educators are increasingly looking to A/V solutions to improve student engagement and teaching efficacy. Audio and visual technology can go a long way to addressing these concerns, especially with the addition of interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Interactive whiteboards give teachers a new set of tools to build new lessons and deliver information. With an interactive whiteboard, teachers can take students for a tour around the solar system, turn math lessons into entertaining games, or highlight book passages for quick access. Schools can also benefit from teleconferencing and video streaming technology. The former allows students to connect with classrooms around the world, or have meetings with scientists and other experts. The latter allows teachers to integrate streamed content with their own lesson material, giving educators even more options when building a curriculum.
  • For government facilities: Government officials need to have access to as much information as possible at all times, and must have a robust nerve center when dealing with an incident. Data Projections can outfit a command and control center for local, state, and federal government agencies, and make it easy to keep a great deal of information organized and easily accessible. Command and control centers can feature a video wall or several large displays, and they can be used to bring up news feeds, press conferences, or surveillance video feeds. Improved displays and audio output technology can also enhance town council meetings and speed them up.

These are just some of the A/V solutions that Data Projections can put together for a client. And system installation is only the beginning, as Data Projections is committed to supporting each of its clients for the long-term.