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With an extensive portfolio of A/V products, Data Projections has a solution for every need. Audio and visual technology excels at improving communications and branding, often in unexpected ways. The right solution executed by the right expert can help a client overhaul their operations, reducing costs, connecting people more effectively, and improving the client's reputation and image. Data Projections can provide the needed solutions and expertise with state of the art products from the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

Some of the A/V products that Data Projections specializes in include:

  • Audio and video conferencing - teleconferencing technology enables clients to connect instantly with partners and customers, and can also be used to connect people within the company. Quality teleconferencing equipment from providers like Polycom offer crystal clear image quality, stability, even during rough networking conditions, and seamless integration of system components.
  • Video streaming - video streaming has both business and educational applications, and can be used for training purposes and to deliver content en masse. Data Projections can provide video streaming solutions that including webcasting, video training and digital signage.
  • Projectors - modern projectors are now designed for various settings, from tight meeting spaces to gigantic lecture halls. Data Projections has a number of projector models available, including DLP, LED and LCD projectors suited for business or educational applications.
  • Displays - quality displays are a must when delivering information, and therefore are a critical element of communications wherever they are installed. Data Projections can offer a display for any situation, from 32 inches to 103 inches, from plasma to LCD.
  • Control systems - customized control systems allow clients to interface with their A/V products quickly and easily. Data Projections designs all of its control systems with the client in mind, and can set them up to the client's preferences. This may include installing the control system in a tabletop, allowing for wireless remote access, or designing a web-based platform for system configuration and management.
  • Interactive whiteboards - interactive whiteboards offer a wealth of opportunities to teachers and corporate trainers alike. These multi-touch systems are connected to PCs, which can run planned lessons or software that better engages students and trainees.
  • Document cameras - document cameras allow presenters to show media and objects in 3D and in real time. They are ideal for large spaces where a presenter is working with dozens or hundreds of people at once.
Our experts can help a client determine which of these A/V products would fit best into their operations, and get started right away on crafting the perfect solution.