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Managed Services/On-site Staffing

Many of Data Projections' clients require or want immediate technical support at all times, and for these clients, onsite A/V staffing can offer the perfect solution. While Data Projections does offer multiple maintenance and support plans that can fit any client's needs or budget, having a dedicated professional on hand can provide peace of mind and faster response times. All of Data Projections technicians are certified, trained professionals and not subcontracted third-parties. Prior to placement, all technicians are vetted for their expertise and compatibility with the client, ensuring a productive relationship.

How can onsite A/V staffing help a company with their technology needs?

Here are some benefits a dedicated technician can bring to the company:
  • Our technicians are trained to prioritize minimal downtime, and will seek solutions that support this approach. Less downtime means less waste.
  • Our technicians are always ahead when it comes to maintenance, and will execute preventative maintenance to ensure a system performs optimally at all times.
  • Our technicians can interface with product manufacturers when additional support is required, freeing up the company's IT team for other duties.
  • Our technicians will ensure smooth replacement, inventorying, and installation of consumable components like lamps.
  • Our technicians will facilitate any communications, including escalating issues to higher management, needed to solve technical issues.
  • Our technicians will maintain system documentation and admin notes for reference.

In addition to these technical skills, Data Projections' technicians are trained to think and work independently while adhering to best practices in every scenario. In this way, our certified experts can become a valuable member of any team.