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Interactive Whiteboards For Business

Interactive whiteboards for business are a natural fit in companies large and small, as they are perfectly tailored for collaboration. Most businesses could use better communication, better collaboration and better engagement during meetings, and these seem to be weak spots for the corporate world in general. Fortunately, interactive whiteboard technology and, in particular, the Clevertouch, is designed to get professionals more involved in group collaboration and meetings.

The Clevertouch is an interactive flat panel, so it doesn't rely on a projector to function. Instead, the Clevertouch is powered by an LED display that is graded for years of continuous use. The Clevertouch Pro version is designed with capacitive touch, allowing for ultra-precise control and handwriting production, which is essential for detailed annotation. In addition to capacitive touch, the Clevertouch Pro is built with edge-to-edge capability, so multiple people can use it at once, with room to spare.

Technology in the workplace is often seen as a hindrance, but the Clevertouch avoids this reputation with its LUX operating system. LUX is modeled after the Android interface, so it is instantly recognizable and usable by most. Training is kept to a minimum, then. And the Clevertouch can, optionally, be paired with a PC module loaded with Windows 10, which preserves compatibility with Microsoft software like Skype for Business.

The Clevertouch's full potential is on display when it is tasked for collaboration and project update meetings. The Lynx Pro is the software of choice here, as it is the Clevertouch Pro's primary whiteboarding application. With Lynx Pro, presenters can write like normal on the board or bring in media from the web, a plugged in flash drive. or from the Clevertouch's own onboard hard drive. Once the media is made available, it can be annotated over like normal. This is perfect meeting flow for project status updates, where the entire team may need to review concept drawings or videos. It's easy to see how this can drive brainstorming sessions too, as small teams in huddle rooms can quickly introduce an endless supply of media in developing new ideas. And with simple, responsive touch controls, collaboration is easier than ever before.

Lynx Pro is not the only software offering available through Clevertouch, and additional applications allow for multi-device collaboration and advanced media options, like viewing 3D models.

Finally, no meeting is complete without the Clevershare. The Clevershare is an accessory that pairs with the Clevershare Pro. When plugged into another device, anything that is on that device, be it a laptop or tablet, will display on the Clevertouch. With the Clevershare, wireless presentations are easy and effective.

The Clevertouch Pro is a real step forward for managers and teams stuck with stagnant meetings. The versatile power of the Clevertouch Pro can shake teams out these doldrums, and fuel collaborative efforts in a meaningful and effective way.