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Clevertouch For Education

Although technology has been making its way into the classroom for years, it hasn't always come in a user-friendly package. That's changing with the Clevertouch, an extremely versatile, interactive display that gives educators a wealth of new tools to work with. And the unifying approach to all these tools and features is usability. Every piece of software and every application is designed to be as simple to use as possible. In fact, the Clevertouch is so simple that most educators need very little, if any, training time, which means they can access every feature right away. But usability is only one element of the Clevertouch.

A Revolution in Teaching

Interactive displays aren't new to the classroom, though most schools still rely on projectors to deliver lessons. And if those projectors are working, why make the shift to Clevertouch? Let's address the functional differences between a projector and a display first, and then zero in on why the Clevertouch stands out among other interactive displays.

Projectors have long been a favorite option, mostly due to their affordability. But interactive displays have nearly caught up to projectors in this area, and displays also offer the following:
  1. No glare or shadows. With projectors, the image is, well, projected toward the speaker. As such, the speaker will screen out part of the image with their shadow, and they will have to deal with the bright light from the projector. While this may seem like just a nuisance, if students can't see the presentation, they will tune it out.
  2. Fewer replacement issues. Projector bulbs are notorious for their short life, and must be replaced every 3,000 to 4,000 hours. Interactive displays can go much, much longer, and can usually provide up to 50,000 hours of performance before requiring replacement.
  3. Better picture. Interactive displays can scale up to an incredible degree, allowing teachers to take full advantage of HD video and images. Projectors that are comparable in price lag in this area, and though there are projectors that can offer high resolutions, they tend to cost more.

That's the case for interactive displays. But what makes the Clevertouch so much more than just a standard display? There's a lot to talk about, but here are the high points:
  1. Everything about the Clevertouch is made with the user in mind. It starts with the LUX operating system, which was designed specifically for the Clevertouch. The LUX operating system is similar to the touch interface people use on their mobile phones, and will be immediately familiar to anyone who uses Android devices. LUX allows users to quickly navigate through the Clevertouch's features and applications, and most can be accessed with just a few taps on the display. There is nothing else on the market like LUX, and it greatly smooths out the learning curve, for both teachers and students.
  2. Built-in infrared cameras that rarely need calibration. Any teacher that has worked with projectors knows how frustrating it is to constantly recalibrate it often several times a day. The Clevertouch rarely needs readjustment, and any device connected to the Clevertouch can be interfaced with touch, and without the need for additional calibration.
  3. Access to first party, intelligently designed software. The software that is packaged with the Clevertouch is among the best offered through any interactive display or projector system. This software includes the following:

    Lynx - Lynx is the Clevertouch's lesson planning and whiteboard software, and is designed to be minimalistic and versatile. In addition to the features educators expect from their whiteboard software, Lynx allows educators to embed media directly into their lessons, annotate over that media and do so without having to access an external link. Everything is condensed into a single toolbar, so navigating through multiple menus is not necessary. Lynx comes with a variety of artistic and learning tools, such as a sentence builder and a stopwatch, giving educators additional freedom in crafting their lessons.
  4. Clevermaths - Clevermaths is, perhaps, the most open-ended piece of math and science software ever designed for interactive displays. Clevermaths comes with a variety of math tools, including a graphing calculator, a function graph, a protractor, a variety of 2D and 3D shapes and a coordinate system. It also comes with an impressive variety of chemistry and physics tools, both of which allow for graphic representation of nearly any scientific principle a teacher would want to demonstrate. The key feature of Clevermaths is that it allows for experimentation, and students will have fun just seeing what they can do in the program.
    Snowflake - Snowflake allows teachers to speed up their lesson planning and change up the way they deliver content to students. Snowflake comes with more than 25 applications that can be quickly customized to deliver any type of content necessary, including subjects like math, biology, grammar and spelling. Snowflake is designed to be used by multiple students at once, and comes with split screen functionality that can be accessed with just a couple taps. Up to four students can be accommodated at once, and each screen can be independently rotated to allow students to gather around easily.
    DisplayNote - DisplayNote is a powerful piece of collaboration software that takes advantage of the technology that students bring into the room with them, whether that's a mobile phone, a tablet or even a laptop. DisplayNote can be accessed by both the educator and students. Educators can use DisplayNote to upload lessons and control the presentation through a companion app on their own device, allowing for full mobility around the classroom while presenting. Students can use the DisplayNote app to download lessons to their device and to annotate lesson slides for their own benefit. Students can also present their own content when prompted, providing a tight feedback loop between teachers and their pupils.
  5. Access to Cleverstore. The Cleverstore is home to dozens of applications, provided by many recognizable names in education. What's unique about Cleverstore is that every application is 100 percent free. All in-app purchases have been removed, so there is no risk of users running up a bill. Currently, the app store is home to content in a diverse range of subjects, and designed for students of all ages. And new content is added to the store all the time.

The Clevertouch is unlike anything that has ever been introduced to U.S. schools before, and can make an immediate impact on students of all ages, from kindergarten to high school seniors. It will reduce preparation time for teachers, freeing them up for more important duties, and provide students with a familiar, engaging interface that ensures maximum lesson retention.