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Clevertouch For Business

The Clevertouch is a viable option for professional business meetings and collaboration

The Clevertouch has long been thought of as a classroom-only piece of technology, and the misconception is understandable. It has been a massive success as an educational tool and is the market leader in the UK and Europe at large. However, Clevertouch has made it a priority to develop a display model, accessories and software that would better fit the business world. It was a natural transition, as managers and business leaders need many of the same tools that teachers require. And the Clevertouch provides those tools.

So is the Clevertouch an effective tool for business collaboration? The short answer is yes and the longer answer is yes, but that's only the start. 

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Ask any manager where much of their team's time (and their own) goes, and the response will likely be meetings. Meetings are an essential aspect of every industry, but they can also pose a bottleneck if not handled properly. The Clevertouch empowers managers with tools that ensure all meetings go smoothly and efficiently.

The Clevertouch Pro is the go-to model for professional settings. It offers a 65-inch diagonal, 4K ultra HD display capability, edge to edge screen design and capacitive touch. The capacitive touch is of particular interest, because it allows for extremely precise touch controls. This is useful in any application where handwriting needs to be reproduced perfectly, or when making fine annotations on an intricate piece of media, like a concept drawing or schematic.

But those are just some of the hardware specifications. What really makes the Clevertouch Pro a formidable professional tool is the collaborative and meeting planning software that comes with it. This is what that software looks like:

1. Lynx Pro - Lynx Pro is, at its heart, a piece of whiteboarding software, and this can be useful on its own in plenty of professional applications. Quick brainstorming or planning sessions can be made much easier with the help of Lynx Pro.

But that only scratches the surface. Lynx Pro is at its best when a meeting involves media. Images, videos, animations: these can be quickly imported into Lynx Pro and reviewed by an entire team at once. This is ideal for teams that rely on other departments to put together complex projects. Architectural and marketing firms, for example, can have their project management teams review media produced from their design teams, and do so much more efficiently.

2. Snowflake - Snowflake can easily function as a collaboration-first piece of software. Snowflake is a bit more focused than Lynx Pro. Where Lynx Pro offers up a host of whiteboarding tools, allowing the user to freestyle a bit in how they present their materials, Snowflake operates using nodes. It's a concept organizing technique that many prefer in general, as it keeps brainstorming efforts on target. With Snowflake, users can build nodes and their links, creating a nested diagram that others can refer to for direction.

Snowflake can add extra value to companies that utilize advanced graphics, as the software supports 3D models. Architectural, engineering and marketing firms, which rely heavily on 3D graphics for their projects, can examine their 3D graphics using Snowflake, manipulate them to get a closer look and annotate where necessary. Snowflake is a perfect complement to Lynx Pro, and together, they can handle any type of media.

Software makes the Clevertouch engine run, but there are optional accessories that can make the engine run better. Chief among these is the Clevershare. The Clevershare is a lightweight dongle that plugs into a device's USB port. In most cases, this will be a laptop. Once the Clevershare is ported into the laptop, the laptop's user can control the Clevertouch using the dongle. This has obvious applications for both education and business. If the Clevertouch, for example, is used in a large training space, the instructor will need to operate the Clevertouch while patrolling the room and helping people one on one. With the Clevershare, instructors can do so without running back and forth to the Clevertouch. This makes sense for standard meetings too, if the presenter doesn't want to obstruct the view of the Clevertouch.

Finally, the Clevertouch can be paired with a USB camera for conferencing purposes. The Clevertouch comes with extensive connectivity options, including USB ports, so it's easy to connect the camera and begin conferencing. If team members can't be in the room during a meeting, this is an effective way to keep them involved.

The Clevertouch is proven in the world of education. Now, it is ready to prove itself in professional environments. It certainly has the impressive tools and hardware to do so.