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Get to know the Clevertouch

It's no secret that schools and businesses are turning to technology to enhance the way they communicate and collaborate. A keystone to this approach has been interactive flat panel technology. With an interactive flat panel, teachers and managers can combine several tools into a single, responsive package. Lesson planning, media presentation, device connectivity, group collaboration, note taking, advanced training: these are just some of the things that an interactive flat panel can do in the classroom or meeting room.

Among interactive flat panels, the Clevertouch is a clear leader, especially in the classroom. However, its creator, also named Clevertouch, has focused on producing a business-oriented model, and has succeeded. Now, the leading educational interactive flat panel is a highly effective collaborative device as well. Let's explore some of what the Clevertouch can do in both the business and classroom environments.

Clevertouch in the Classroom


For years, the Clevertouch has reigned in British and European classrooms. It is the market leader across the Atlantic and has recently arrived stateside to continue its progressive march. And educators are taking to it in droves. It's easy to see why, because today's students are as tech-savvy as a generation has ever been. They want technology in their classrooms, in their lessons, in their lectures and in their presentations. If teachers want to keep these students engaged, the best way to do that is with the kind of technology they are familiar with.
The Plus Series is the optimal Clevertouch model for the classroom, and is designed with both educators and students in mind. It is available in several sizes ranging from 55-inch to 86-inch, and its interface, named LUX, is modeled after Android interfaces. Anyone familiar with an Android phone or tablet will recognize it immediately. Students, then, will have no trouble accessing the Clevertouch's functions right away, and most teachers will probably fall into the same camp.
Through LUX, users can access all of the Clevertouch's functions, including its onboard memory. The Clevertouch is built with an operating system and hard drive, and if desired, it can also come with a PC module for Windows users. The Clevertouch, then, is not just a display, as teachers can build, access and deliver full lesson plans without the need for a separate laptop.
The Clevertouch's other primary functions include:
1. The browser -Clevertouch comes with an Android browser that will mirror the district's content filtering, so students won't be able to access something they shouldn't. Teachers can utilize the internet's plentiful resources in building lessons, and LUX makes it a cinch. Through the browser, teachers can grab any media, be it image, video or sound clip, and import it directly into Lynx, the Clevertouch's whiteboarding software.
2. Lynx - Lynx is the program teachers will likely spend most of their time in. It is the Clevertouch's lesson delivery and whiteboarding program, and makes for an effective collaboration tool, as well. With Lynx, educators can write, using the sophisticated handwriting recognition software built into Lynx. Lynx can also create shapes, put together sentence diagrams, pop open a calendar or timer, and effectively offer limitless space for teachers to organize concepts. Lynx can be used for math or spelling games, to teach colors, letters or numbers, introduce advanced ideas using content grabbed from the web, and get the entire class involved in brainstorming.
3. Clevermaths - Clevermaths takes the Lynx concept and makes it math-focused. With Clevermaths, teachers can graph equations, visualize geometric and trigonometric principles, teach things like angles, fractions and algebra, and perform a host of simulated scientific experiments. Clevermaths is controlled much like Lynx, so it is intuitive for both teachers and students to handle.
Clevermaths is also a robust piece of scientific software, as it can be used to simulate an array of science experiments and principles. This includes experiments using a host of simulated chemistry and physics implements, like a distiller, an alcohol burner or a voltmeter.
4. Snowflake - Snowflake is a second lesson delivery program, though it has business applications as well. It benefits from extensive content additions from other teachers. With Snowflake, teachers can pull lesson ideas and even entire lessons from other educators, which makes Snowflake a massive piece of collaborative teaching software. Snowflake is also ideal for brainstorming and concept building, as Snowflake uses nodes to connect items together.
Snowflake can also transform the Clevertouch into a multi-zone display, so several students can work independently on the same screen. This is perfect for art classes and classes with young students, who may be learning different things at different speeds.
5. Cleverstore -The Cleverstore is one of a kind among interactive flat panels, in that it gives educators access to an application store. Except in this case, all of the apps are free and all of the apps have an education focus. Any premium unlockable features are already unlocked, and applications are added to the Cleverstore regularly. With it, teachers can augment their lessons with additional content or quickly fashion new lessons with the Cleverstore's help.
On top of all of these features, the Clevertouch is built to last, even in the most rambunctious classrooms. With several millimeters of safety glass protecting the screen, the chances of damaging the screen are remote.

Clevertouch in the Meeting Room

It's true that the Clevertouch has long been education-focused, but it is increasingly relied on in meeting and boardrooms, for several reasons.

The Clevertouch Pro is the preferred choice for business applications, and it comes in a few models, including one with capacitive touch. The Pro Series Capacitive features an edge to edge, 65-inch screen design and 4K Ultra HD display quality. Capacitive touch is particularly interesting as it is the most advanced form of touch control available on the market. With capacitive touch, the Clevertouch Pro can reproduce any gesture with perfection, so any application that requires reliable, precise handwriting production is best served by the Clevertouch Pro.

All Clevertouch Pro models come with an onboard processor and the option for an i5 or i7 computer which can easily switch between LUX and Windows operating systems by swiping up on the screen. This is an important consideration for companies that rely on the Microsoft ecosystem to perform their tasks, like Skype for Business.

Lynx Pro and Snowflake possess impressive capabilities in the business world and aren't one-trick programs just for the classroom. Lynx Pro provides the same brainstorming and collaborative capabilities it offers to teachers and students, and because it is so easy to bring media into Lynx Pro, presenters can introduce concept drawings, product schematics and floorplans with ease.

Snowflake, because it is node-based, offers an ideal business collaboration environment, but it also comes with an advanced piece of functionality. It can be used to examine and explore 3D models, which is a boon for any companies in marketing, engineering or architecture.

And finally, with the addition of the Clevershare, either via an app or a USB dongle that plugs into another device, users can project and control their content wirelessly to the Clevertouch from their laptop. No need to locate cables and switch sources with this feature. A visitor to the conference room would be able to easily share a presentation directly to the screen with the Clevershare.

Every office has a dry erase board with notes from meetings or discussions. The Clevertouch becomes the best digital whiteboard with nearly infinite capabilities, as page after page can be added to a single whiteboarding session. It is easy to add multiple pages to the discussion, enhancing collaboration. Once the session is done, the whiteboard can be exported as a PDF or provided to others in the form of a QR code. Both approaches allow participants to walk away with their notes immediately.

The Clevertouch is a sophisticated, versatile piece of hardware, aimed at improving communication in every way. In the classroom, it will forge better relationships between teachers and students, and between students and their lessons. In the business world, the Clevertouch will enhance collaboration and cooperation between teams, make meetings more efficient and give companies superior training tools. Technology is marching into classrooms and meeting rooms at an unprecedented rate, and the Clevertouch is at the front of the pack.

Clevertouch 2.0

The new and improved Clevertouch 2.0 has a host of new features and applications for better lesson planning and delivery, better security, and better utility from the display. What can educators and team leaders expect from their enhanced Clevertouch? Quite a bit!

With the Clevertouch 2.0 comes Clevershare 2.0. Already a robust control accessory, the Clevershare 2.0 is even more impressive, capable of connecting up to 50 devices to the Clevertouch at once. With Clevershare 2.0, teachers can rapidly cycle through iOS, Chrome, Android, Mac and Windows devices to share content from students on the Clevertouch. Lesson sharing is also made easier with the use of QR code capture capability. All a teacher needs to do is send a QR code to their class. Once scanned, that student will receive any notes, lesson materials or media the teacher chooses to send.

Lesson planning has also been enhanced with an improved Cleverstore, which has been expanded with a wave of new apps and greater language support.

Educators can create their own user profiles now that can be used with multiple Clevertouch displays. These profiles can be used to add in cloud accounts like Google Drive, to further expand on what the teacher can do in the classroom. Teachers also have greater control over their classroom with the Clevertouch's new onboard source switching, allowing educators to configure room and system settings from the display.

Finally, Clevertouch 2.0 comes with Clever Message and a Mobile Device Manager. Clever Message is a versatile piece of software that can be used to instantly send messages to a Clevertouch or used as digital signage when the display is not in use. The new Mobile Device Manager allows IT personnel to control an entire array of Clevertouch displays, pushing over updates and troubleshooting remotely and rapidly.