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Business Solutions

What separates successful companies from the struggling companies often comes down to communications, but with Data Projections' solutions for business clients, a company can close the gap and remain ahead of its competitors. Improved communications allows companies to make faster and more effective decisions, and to encourage cooperation between employees, partners, and clients. Audio and visual technology is a strong approach in this regard, and Data Projections can adapt modern A/V technology for a client of any size and in any industry.

Which A/V solutions are designed for business clients?

Data Projections can customize a system for any client, as a lawyer and a medical facility have much different A/V needs. Specifically, here are some examples of how the technology can be adapted for various companies:
  • For Fortune 1,000 companies - National and international brands are established and have a great deal of resources, but it still makes sense to use those resources in an efficient way. Data's teleconferencing technology, for example, allows company leaders to instantly connect with employees and partners, making it easier to organize and execute initiatives. Connecting multiple employees in the same conference saves time and ensures everyone remains on the same page, even when managing complex operations. This is made possible with the robust content sharing options that come with the technology. Teleconferencing also cuts out the need to travel for meetings, saving the company a lot of money.
  • For smaller companies - Smaller clients need to make an impression and reach as many people as possible, and solutions designed for business use can do just that. A modern teleconferencing system can allow the company to build relationships far beyond its immediate area, and open up additional opportunities. Sharp displays, and even video walls, can help the company build a strong reputation and confirm that it is a forward-thinking operation.
  • For law firms - Lawyers need to deliver a lot of information in the clearest way possible, and A/V technology is ideal for this. Whether the attorney needs to capture courtroom proceedings, examine a witness living far away, or display evidence in a clear, effective fashion, Data Projections can provide the right technology and expertise.
  • For oil and gas companies - Oil and gas corporations must place a priority on safety and information gathering, and Data Projections can assist with both. Digital signage can signal possible hazards, and presence communications, handled through phone or text, ensures management knows the status of employees at all times. And improved displays are ideal for technical and surveying equipment, allowing geologists to produce superior seismic data, well logs, and reservoir models.
  • For medical facilities - A/V technology has a lot to offer medical professionals and hospitals. For example, two-way voice and video communications allow doctors and students to communicate with each other during instruction. Doctors can also produce a long-term diagnosis with teleconferencing equipment and use displays throughout the hospital to deliver medical information.
In the professional world, companies are always looking for an edge, and Data Projections can provide that edge with options such as these.